4 Free TESDA Training Courses under (TWSP) offered by Innovatech Skills & Resource Institute

Hey there, great news for those who are looking for free TESDA training courses!

Innovatech Skills & Resource Institute
 is now offering Free TESDA Training Courses (TWSP) for interested students.

The available courses are:

  1. Computer System Servicing NC II,
  2. Bread & Pastry Production NC II,
  3. Bookkeeping NC III,
  4. and Events Management Services NC III.

Each course has a specific number of hours needed for completion.

To register, you can easily do it online by clicking on this link:https://forms.gle/gyJDQfXQcaPXPZz47. But before that, make sure you meet the basic qualifications and requirements.

Applicants should be above 18 years old and have at least finished high school or ALS. They should also provide an original copy of the Barangay Certificate, a photocopy of their vaccination card, High School Card, Diploma, or TOR, and a Marriage Certificate (for married female applicants only).

Additionally, 5 pcs 1x1 pictures and 5 pcs of Passport size (both white-collar and background) should be submitted along with a long brown envelope.

Being a TESDA scholar is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge for future job opportunities. Don't miss this chance and register now!

For more information, feel free to visit or contact Innovatech Skills & Resource Institute through their contact numbers: 0906-652-0915/0977-835-5403/0938-251-4172, or email: [email protected]. The location is at 238 San Jose St. San Isidro Antipolo City (Landmark: Suva's Resort/ Siete Media).


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